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Polythene & Shrinkfilms

We stock and sell a variety of polythene packaging materials to ensure your products stay clear of dust and moisture. Including pallet covers, lay flat polythene tubing, open top and re-sealable polythene bags and line duty varieties and shrink wrap.

Polythene Film:
Polythene film, also known as polyethylene film, is a flexible plastic material widely used in packaging due to its versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It is available in various thicknesses and can be customised to meet specific packaging requirements. Some common uses include:

a. Protective Wrapping: Polythene film is used to wrap and protect products from dust, moisture, and scratches during storage or transportation. It provides a barrier that keeps the contents clean and secure.

b. Pallet Wrapping: In logistics and shipping, polythene film is often used for pallet wrapping. It is stretched around stacked pallets to secure and stabilise the load, preventing shifting and reducing the risk of damage during transit.

Shrink Film:
Shrink film, also known as shrink wrap or shrink wrap film, is a polymer plastic film that shrinks when heat is applied, conforming tightly to the shape of the item being packaged. It offers several benefits, including:

a. Product Protection: Shrink film provides a protective layer around products, safeguarding them from dust, moisture, and tampering. It creates a tight seal that acts as a barrier against external elements during storage and transportation.

b. Enhanced Presentation: Shrink film enhances the visual appeal of products by providing a clear, smooth, and professional-looking pack. It can be used to create a clean and uniform appearance for retail products, improving shelf visibility and attracting customer attention.

c. Bundling and Multi-packing: Shrink film is often used to bundle multiple items together or create multi-packs. It holds items securely in place, reducing the risk of loss or damage during handling and transport.

d. Tamper Evidence: Shrink film can be used to add a tamper-evident feature to products. Once the film is applied and heat-sealed, any attempt to remove or tamper with the packaging becomes evident, ensuring product integrity and consumer safety.

e. Customisation and Branding: Shrink film can be printed with branding elements, logos, or product information. This allows businesses to promote their brand identity, convey important details to consumers, and enhance product recognition on store shelves.

In summary, polythene film is versatile and used for protective wrapping, pallet wrapping, bagging, and as a base layer in shrink wrapping. Shrink film, on the other hand, provides product protection, enhances presentation, enables bundling and multi-packing, offers tamper evidence, and allows for customisation and branding.

These films play essential roles in various industries, offering reliable packaging solutions for different types of products.

Pallet wrap

Polythene & Shrinkfilms

Lay flat tubing
We can create polythene bags to suit your product requirements with our wide range of polythene layflat tubing. Our polythene layflat tubing range includes, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy-duty tubing in a variety of sizes.

Polythene & Shrinkfilms

Waste Bags
We stock an extensive range of waste bags for all your disposing needs. Our waste bag range includes bin liners, refuse sacks in black, clear and colour, compact sacks and woven polypropylene sacks.