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Single wall carton
These lightweight single wall cardboard boxes come in a range of sizes and can be used for storage, packaging and transportation. Our smaller sized boxes are a cost effective way to pack, store or ship small products, while our large cardboard boxes are great to act as an outer layer to pack smaller boxes or large lightweight products in.


Double wall carton
These double wall cardboard boxes are ideal for use in industries which manufacture and ship products that require a high level of protection such as automotive parts, jewellery, engineering and glassware, household fixtures and fittings to electrical goods. All our cardboard boxes are suitable to pack, store and ship,


Die Cut Bespoke Cartons
We can design and manufacture all Fefco corrugate boxes folding box style cartons or boxes. We understand the importance of good design, construction and innovation and how critical this can be to a products success. This is why we provide you direct access to our design team to re-evaluate and create the optimum design, most suitable for the products use.


Corrugate Sheet/Layer pads

Cardboard sheeting is available in both single and double walled constructions, depending on your preferred method of storage and shipping. Almost any size and variation of board grade are available to order. Great for wrapping product, interleaving or using and a top/bottom pallet layer pad.

Cardboard sheeting



We supply once used, good condition boxes as a cost effective and more environmentally conscious alternative. There are a wide range of sizes . We are also happy to purchase surplus stock. Please speak to one of our sales team for further information.

billys@upac.co.uk for more information on surplus stock.

U Chill

Market Sectors

  • Meat Industry
  • Fishmongers
  • Dairy
  • Frozen Products

Our U Chill packaging range is also ideal for the online food market and restaurant deliveries.

U Chill Components: Foil Bubble Insulation System 

The U CHILL foil system used with gel packs have been designed and validated to keep your products chilled below +5°C for 72 hours in the winter & 48 hours in the summer. The temperature controlled systems consist of a white double walled corrugated carton & a two part air infused reflective insert.

Our packs have been designed solely to replace polystyrene with a cost effective, fully functional, and aesthetically attractive alternative. They have been designed specifically to maximise the number of layers of airlock insulation with the fitment’s fully glued to the box to ensure the product is both watertight and temperature controlled.

We currently supply them in 3 sizes small, medium & large.

Although we can design this product to fit your needs, we stock 3 sizes:

Product Code Length Width Height Reference
CORUCHILLSM 349mm 155mm 242mm Small U-Chill Outer
CORUCHILLMED 432mm 282mm 197mm Medium U-Chill Outer
CORUCHILLLRG 432mm 299mm 282mm Large U-Chill Outer

The boxes come flat packed, so eliminate the space issues created by the poly boxes and have been extremely well received by the online traders market.

With any order you will receive an internal fitment as well as a double walled box. It goes without saying these could be branded if you wish.


The U-CHILL system has been designed and engineered using double-sided, air infused aluminium reflective material to keep your products below +5°C for up to 72 hours subject to validation.


With the U-CHILL system you can be sure your products will arrive with your customer in perfect condition, without the need for a costly refrigerated vehicle.


U-CHILL systems can protect chilled or frozen products when using the correct coolants.


Lightweight system that maximises the volume of the outer carton by minimising the thickness of the inner insulation material, without compromising on performance.


  • Performance validated system
  • Quick & easy to assemble
  • Keeps costs low- no need for Refrigerated Vehicles
  • Overlapping design reduces air movement to an absolute minimum
  • No need for refrigerated vehicles
  • Lightweight, flat packed system makes for easy storage
  • Durable
  • Reusable, wipe clean, water resistant insulated liner
  • Cartons can be printed with your own branding (subject to minimum order quantity)
  • Can keep product below +5°C for up to 72 hours with correct number of Gel Packs
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Eurofin certified

Our outer boxes are heavy duty double wall board that are FSC approved and can also be recycled.

Gel Packs: 

Gel Packs Thermachill 275g.

Gel Pack liquid is 100% Biodegradable and food safe.