Q. What is surplus?

A. Surplus boxes are second-hand boxes that can be used again, it’s all about the box getting a second life. Surplus boxes are a much cheaper option rather than buying brand new boxes, with increases happening constantly at the moment in the making of boxes, this makes second hand your ideal choice.

Q. What is the process if I come to you looking for packaging?

A. We need as much info as possible. What is going in it? What is it for – just transit, transit with branding, is it going on the retailer’s shelf? Do they have an existing pdf- that helps a lot Do they have a picture of the style of the box?


Q. Where do you think UPAC adds the most value for businesses?

A. As a supplier, we offer a wide range of packaging, but we can also do much more, from storage to product innovation to cost reductions along with the personal customer care and attention our clients appreciate.


Q. What is UPAC Storage?

A. As part of our service, we stock and hold goods for our customers in our 180,000 sq. ft warehouse based in Glasgow. With many of our customers struggling to find extra storage space, we decided to convert part of our car park into a storage center. We currently have 20, 20ft containers but are planning to increase depending on demand moving forward.

Q. How do you support businesses that have no storage space?

A. 3-month stockholding – benefit of qty price and only invoiced as and when delivered – any remaining stock still held after 3 months is invoiced and held FOC for a further month or two.


Q. Can you offer me advice on what packaging to use for certain products?

A. We have a Sales Team with many years of experience across many industry sectors and products so yes, please get in touch.