Chilled Packaging

Temperature-controlled packaging boxes, also known as insulated shipping containers or thermal packaging, represent a specialised solution crafted to safeguard temperature-sensitive products throughout their journey in transit and storage. Across industries such as healthcare, food and beverage, manufacturing, and distribution, this form of packaging plays a pivotal role in maintaining product integrity.

Our U-chill packs stand as a testament to this commitment, ensuring that your products remain nestled within the optimal temperature range. Through a blend of insulation, cushioning, and advanced features, they shield your items from the rigors of heat, cold, and moisture, thereby averting spoilage and upholding food safety standards. The U Chill foil system, coupled with gel packs, has been meticulously engineered and validated to sustain your products chilled below +5°C for an impressive 72 hours in winter and 48 hours in summer conditions.

Beyond preserving quality and safety, temperature-controlled packaging yields significant waste reduction benefits for your business. At UPAC, our offerings are tailored to meet your precise temperature requirements, whether necessitating refrigeration, freezing, or ambient storage. Available in a myriad of sizes and shapes, our packaging solutions cater to diverse product types and shipping needs. When paired with gel packs, our liners ensure that your enclosed goods maintain the desired temperature for a span of 12 to 24 hours.

Our system comprises a white double-walled corrugated case and a connected reflective insert. Crafted from lightweight materials, these components arrive flat-folded, minimizing handling, storage, and transportation costs. Their pliable nature facilitates effortless assembly and packing, offering superior maneuverability compared to polystyrene alternatives. Moreover, our insulated box liners are designed with environmental friendliness in mind, featuring greater flexibility with reduced material usage, thereby easing disposal for end-users.

While our customisable solutions cater to your unique requirements, we offer four standard sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. These flat-packed boxes not only address space constraints but have also garnered acclaim within the online trading community.

Product Code Length Width Height Reference

CORUCHILLSM 349mm 155mm 242mm Small U-Chill Outer

CORUCHILLMED 432mm 282mm 197mm Medium U-Chill Outer

CORUCHILLLRG 432mm 299mm 282mm Large U-Chill Outer

CORUCHILLXL 560mm 390mm 250mm XL U-Chill Outer

At UPAC, our commitment extends beyond temperature consistency; we strive to streamline your supply chain, minimising logistics expenses and environmental impact. As we enter the summer months, temperature-controlled packaging emerges as an invaluable asset, safeguarding your products without the need for costly refrigerated transportation.

Products that benefit from temperature-controlled packaging span a wide spectrum, including pharmaceuticals, frozen foods, perishable goods, wines, beverages, and floral products.

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