Reduce Reuse Recycle

The origins of WM Watson… did you know it all began as a humble second-hand box business?

Picture this: we started by acquiring boxes from manufacturers, esteemed brands, and companies with surplus stock. These boxes, which were destined for the discard pile, were given a new lease on life as we resold them into the market at a cost-effective price.

Fast forward to today, and our second-hand box venture has become an integral part of our offerings at UPAC. Alongside crafting and designing bespoke boxes for our clients we extend the option of second-hand boxes for unique projects, fresh business lines, or as a savvy cost-saving solution.

But what exactly are “second-hand boxes”? These are boxes previously utilised for packaging and shipping purposes, spared from the landfill after their initial use, and repurposed for various applications. Still in good condition, they serve functions like storage, relocation, or shipping once more. Embracing second-hand boxes champions environmental sustainability by curbing the need for new packaging materials, thus conserving resources and minimising waste. For businesses committed to eco-conscious practices, incorporating second-hand boxes aligns with their efforts to shrink their environmental footprint.

Many second-hand boxes are plain or have minimal branding, which makes them suitable for customisation through stickers, labeling, or applying their branded stamp/ materials. This flexibility offers businesses an alternative to fully branding their boxes, allowing for adaptability to fluctuations in demand without the commitment of large orders of new packaging materials. This level of agility can be particularly advantageous for small or seasonal businesses seeking to optimise their resources.

The other thing about our offering of second hand boxes is that they come in a vast range of shapes, sizes and types which cater to different industry needs. From small cardboard boxes for shipping individual items to large triple walled boxes for bulk storage, we have a box for virtually any requirement.

So, what’s the allure behind these repurposed packages? Not only do they offer a thrifty alternative for both individuals and businesses, but they also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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