When it comes to recycling paper and cardboard, the process can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. To demystify things, here’s a handy guide on what you can confidently toss into your recycling bin and what needs special attention.

Recyclable in your standard recycling bin:

  • All cardboard boxes (remove sellotape and break down).
  • Newspaper and Magazines.
  • Cereal Boxes.
  • Junk Mail.
  • Printed paper.
  • Egg boxes.
  • Cards.
  • Wrapping paper without plastic, glitter, or foil.
  • Phone books.
  • Toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes.
  • Pizza boxes (remove any food residue, a little grease stain is ok to go in the recycling).
  • Food and drinks cartons.

Items not suitable for recycling:

  • Waxed or Greasy Paper: Paper contaminated with food grease or oil, such as very greasy pizza boxes, cannot be recycled as the grease interferes with the recycling process.
  • Tissue Paper and Kitchen Roll: Tissue paper and kitchen roll are often too thin and too contaminated with oils or food residues to be effectively recycled.
  • Carbon Paper: Carbon paper, typically used for duplicate forms, contains non-recyclable materials and should not be included in recycling bins.
  • Sticky Notes and Post-It Notes: Sticky notes and post-it notes are often made with adhesive materials that can contaminate the recycling process. However, some recycling facilities may accept them.
  • Shredded Paper: While paper can be shredded for security purposes, shredded paper can be difficult to process at recycling facilities and may not be accepted in recycling bins. Check with your local council for specific guidelines on shredded paper disposal.
  • Tetra Pak Cartons with Plastic Spouts: Some Tetra Pak cartons, particularly those with plastic spouts, may not be accepted for recycling due to the combination of paper, plastic, and aluminum layers.
  • Disposable Paper Cups with Plastic Coating: Disposable paper cups, such as coffee cups, often have a plastic lining to prevent leaks. The combination of materials makes them difficult to recycle.
  • Paper with Foil or Metallic Accents: Paper products with metallic foil accents or decorations are generally not recyclable due to the mixed materials.
  • Paper with Glitter or Sequins: Paper products embellished with glitter, sequins, or other non-paper materials cannot be recycled and should be disposed of in general waste.

Special recycling services:

  • Pringles Tubes can be recycled through Terracycle.
  • Paper coffee cups and fast food drink cups (sometimes recyclable where you purchased the cup, check with the vendor).

Understanding what goes into your recycling bin can make a significant impact on reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices. Let’s work together to create a greener future!

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