Box into the future with UPAC Packaging

At UPAC Group, we take pride in being the silent force behind Scotland’s dynamic packaging landscape. Our brand positioning revolves around trust, reliability, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled packaging solutions. For years, we’ve operated discreetly, keeping our clients’ needs at the forefront. Our focus is not just on boxes; it’s on building lasting partnerships and enhancing the brand experience for every client.


Trust and Confidentiality:

We operate on the principle of confidentiality. Our discreet approach has garnered trust, making us the go-to packaging partner for businesses of all sizes.
Your company information is safe with us, and this trust forms the foundation of our lasting relationships.

Reliability and Delivery Excellence:

With a fleet of 10 vans hitting the road daily, we ensure timely and reliable delivery to all corners of Scotland. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond products; it’s about delivering promises.

Versatility in Clientele:

Whether you’re a home mover with a need for just one box or a megastore requiring bulk supplies, UPAC caters to all. Our versatility in serving both individual clients and big brands sets us apart in the packaging industry.

Scotland-Centric Presence:

With a strong foothold in Glasgow and a commitment to serving all of Scotland, UPAC is more than a packaging supplier; we’re woven into the fabric of local businesses, contributing to their growth and success.

Expansion into Self Storage:

Our recent venture into self-storage aligns with our commitment to meeting diverse needs. Now, not only do we provide top-notch packaging solutions, but we also offer a secure space for storing valued possessions.

Target Markets:

1. Home Movers:

Individuals or families relocating within Scotland, whether it’s a single box for personal items or comprehensive packaging solutions for a household move. Not only can we supply you with all the packaging needed for your move (including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, layer pads etc) we can also support your move with our self storage 20ft containers of which we now have 90 at our site.

2. Small Businesses and Single Shops:

Local businesses and single-shop owners who benefit from our tailored packaging services designed to meet the unique needs of smaller enterprises.

3. Megastores and Big Brands:

Larger enterprises and megastores that rely on UPAC for bulk packaging solutions, ensuring consistency, quality, and reliable delivery.

4. Food and Drink Manufacturers:

Producers in the food and drink industry who trust UPAC to provide packaging solutions that preserve the integrity of their products.

5. General Businesses:

Businesses across industries that value confidentiality, reliability, and a trustworthy packaging partner.

Our target market is not defined by size but by a shared commitment to excellence and a desire for a packaging partner that understands the diverse needs of businesses in Scotland. At UPAC, our journey is to continue being the silent force that propels businesses forward through innovative, reliable, and confidential packaging solutions.