Zombies Packaging

As the leaves turn crimson and the nights grow longer, there’s a certain magical feeling in the air—it’s the unmistakable sign that Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween is not just about costumes and candies; it’s also an opportunity for brands to get creative with their packaging and captivate customers with spine-tingling, eye-catching designs. At UPAC Packaging, we’ve handpicked some of our favorite Halloween-inspired packaging designs that showcase the bewitching spirit of this haunting holiday.

First up is Hotel Chocolat’s Halloween selection. Hotel Chocolat, known for its premium chocolate creations, never fails to amaze us with its seasonal offerings. When Halloween comes around, Hotel Chocolat delights chocolate enthusiasts with a bewitching array of treats, all dressed up in captivating Halloween packaging.


Next up is Fortnum and Masons range of Halloween Inspired Packaging. Fortnum & Mason, a renowned British luxury department store, brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to the Halloween season with its range of Halloween-inspired packaging. Among their bewitching offerings, coffin-shaped containers stand out as a symbol of Gothic mystique and Halloween allure.


Zombie Ice Pops by the creative minds at Brandenburg design agency are a spooktacular treat that combines chilling aesthetics with delightful flavour. Brandenburg design agency is renowned for pushing the boundaries of creativity, and their Zombie Ice Pops are no exception. The popsicles themselves are a canvas for the most chilling and ghoulish designs. From eerie green zombies to blood-red vampires, each ice pop is a work of art that brings the undead to life.


  Fanta Halloween Design

Fanta’s Halloween marketing strategy is undoubtedly a masterclass in creating excitement and engagement around the spookiest time of the year. Their innovative approach, including unique packaging and a Snapchat filter, has captured the essence of Halloween in a creative and engaging way. Here’s a closer look at what makes Fanta’s Halloween campaign so impressive:

Fanta’s release of a new flavour that supposedly turns your mouth black is pure genius. The element of mystery and surprise is a great way to pique curiosity and get people talking about their product. It’s a perfect fit for the Halloween theme.

Fanta’s Halloween-inspired packaging designs are visually striking and instantly recognisable. The use of spooky and playful elements on their cans adds an extra layer of fun to the Halloween experience. It’s an excellent example of how packaging can create a connection with a seasonal theme.

QR Code Integration: Adding a QR code to their cans is a modern and interactive touch. By scanning the code, customers are taken to an exclusive Snapchat filter, creating an immersive digital experience. This not only engages the audience but also connects the physical product with the digital world, making it shareable on social media. Leveraging a Snapchat filter is a clever move, as it allows users to interact with Fanta’s brand in a fun and personal way. The filter adds a virtual layer of Halloween excitement to users’ photos and videos, creating a memorable and shareable experience.

Fanta’s Halloween campaign likely extends to other social media platforms as well. Leveraging platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for contests, giveaways, and user engagement can amplify the campaign’s reach.

Despite the Halloween-themed changes, Fanta’s branding remains recognisable. This consistency ensures that customers can easily identify the product on store shelves.

Next up is Lyle and Sons Trick or Treacle Tins.

Lyle & Sons’ “Trick or Treacle Tins” are a delightful fusion of tradition and Halloween spirit. These tins offer a whimsical twist on the classic treacle tins, making them a charming addition to any Halloween celebration. Here’s what makes these tins so special:

Lyle & Sons taps into nostalgia by repurposing their traditional treacle tins for Halloween. The familiar packaging, with its iconic golden syrup branding, adds a touch of vintage charm to the Halloween theme.

The clever wordplay in “Trick or Treacle Tins” adds a layer of whimsy to the product. It combines the Halloween “trick or treat” tradition with the treacle tins, creating a playful and memorable concept.

For fans of Lyle’s Golden Syrup and collectors of quirky packaging, “Trick or Treacle Tins” are likely to become cherished items. Their limited availability can make them even more sought after.

These tins can be used for various purposes beyond holding treats. They make for charming decorations, storage containers, or even collectibles long after Halloween has passed, their decision to repurpose their classic tins for Halloween aligns with sustainability trends. Recycling and reusing packaging can be an environmentally responsible choice.

While the tins have a Halloween twist, the core branding of Lyle’s Golden Syrup remains intact. This ensures that customers can easily identify the product as a Lyle’s creation.


The “Baba Yaga Absinthe Halloween Packaging” by Arbutus Distillery, designed by Hired Guns Creative, is an extraordinary example of packaging that beautifully marries the worlds of craft spirits and Halloween. This packaging is a true work of art that captivates consumers with its scarily good design. Baba Yaga, a mythical character from Eastern European folklore, is known for her eerie and enigmatic persona. The choice to draw inspiration from such a character perfectly aligns with the Halloween theme, adding a layer of mystery to the product.

The packaging’s unconventional bottle shape, reminiscent of a potion or elixir bottle from a witch’s lair, adds to the creepiness and allure of the product. It stands out on the shelf and invites consumers to explore further. Despite its eerie theme, the packaging exudes a premium and artisanal quality. This combination of craftsmanship and Halloween aesthetics makes it unique in the spirits market.


Next up is Pringles Halloween Packaging featuring glow-in-the-dark elements is a stroke of creative genius that enhances the spooky season’s fun and mystery. It engages consumers through surprise, interactivity, and thematic relevance. By turning their familiar snack cans into Halloween-themed, glow-in-the-dark wonders, Pringles adds an extra layer of intrigue and excitement to the Halloween snacking experience, making it a must-have for Halloween parties and gatherings.



Another great example of Halloween packaging, is Heinz’s Tomato Blood Tomato Ketchup Is a brilliant and playfully eerie example of Halloween-themed packaging that adds a delightful twist to a classic product. The name “Tomato Blood Tomato Ketchup” is a clever play on words that instantly communicates the Halloween theme. It combines the concept of tomato ketchup with the spooky and gory imagery of blood, adding an element of surprise and intrigue. While the packaging embraces a Halloween theme, the core branding of Heinz remains consistent. The familiar logo and design elements ensure that customers can easily recognise the product, creating a connection between the classic and the spooky. Its playful wordplay, thematic visuals, and limited-edition status make it a delightful addition to Halloween celebrations and a conversation piece that brings a smile to consumers’ faces while they embrace the spooky season.



It’s not all about Food and Drink Halloween Packaging either. Kylie Jenner’s Halloween Makeup Collection featured bats, ghosts and a range of Halloween Characters. Her Halloween Makeup Collection is a testament to her ability to tap into the spirit of Halloween and offer fans a unique way to express themselves through makeup. Kylie Jenner’s collection typically includes a diverse range of makeup products. From lip kits to eyeshadow palettes and face makeup, there’s something for everyone to experiment with and create Halloween-inspired looks. The Halloween Makeup Collection is a testament to Kylie’s ability to combine creativity, branding, and seasonality. By embracing the Halloween spirit through creative themes, appealing packaging, diverse product offerings, and social media engagement, she offers fans a unique and exciting way to celebrate the holiday while expressing themselves through makeup artistry.


Finally a couple of designs from the team at UPAC…

Halloween is a time when packaging design can truly shine with creativity and spookiness. The packaging designs mentioned above are just a glimpse into the myriad of possibilities for Halloween-inspired packaging. At UPAC Packaging, we celebrate the art of packaging, and we’re always excited to see how brands embrace the spirit of Halloween to delight and engage their customers. So, whether you’re a candy maker, a party planner, or a Halloween enthusiast, don’t be afraid to get a little spooky with your packaging this season! Happy Haunting!