This year, we sponsored the annual Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards. 

We did this for many reasons, one being to introduce ourselves to more businesses within the Scottish Food and Drink Industry, and to offer them bespoke packaging options.

So what is the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards…

The below excerpt has been taken from their website:

The search for the Scottish retail food and drink stars of 2023 is underway! – The Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards

Launched in 2020, The Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards (SRFDAs) have one simple goal: to help get more fantastic Scottish food and drink products onto more retail shelves in Scotland.

The SRFDAs are unique in Scotland in many ways, and we aim to be completely inclusive. The Awards encompass the entire food and drink retailing sector – from the smallest deli all the way up to the supermarkets. Similarly, the SRFDAs take in producers and suppliers of all sizes from one-person artisan businesses to global giants. If their products are made and marketed in Scotland, they can enter.

All winners and shortlisted entrants are permitted to carry our on-pack logo, something our research has clearly shown helps influence buying decisions and grow sales.

We aim to unearth the very best products that Scotland has to offer – then help get them on shelves across Scotland.

Every product is judged on its own merits – not compared to others – during a fair and transparent month-long judging process which gives all products the same opportunity to win regardless of where they came from.

Our unique blend of virtual and face-to-face judging sessions allow our many expert judges to spend much more time at home with the products than is the case under many other standard judging procedures. This way, they can experience the products in exactly the same way as a consumer.


After getting to taste some of the most delicious and innovative products in Scotland, we just need to find out where to sign to take part again next year…

We look forward to the final stages of judging in mid April, and will be sharing more information over our social media channels in the next few weeks.