Most cardboard looks pretty much the same from the outside, but have you ever had a look at what is going on between the layers of board? The faint zig zag or wavy lines inside the layers of board are called fluting. Flute is the waving structure which provides the cardboard with strength and allows for both insulation and protection for the product/s inside.

Fluting comes in a range of structure and sizes. Some thicker, some stronger and some more resistant.

Here is a diagram of how fluting looks and works:

F flute – 0.8mm thickness. Ideal for product packaging.
E flute – 1mm to 1.5mm. Lightweight and fine. Great for printing.
B flue – 3mm thick. Suitable for general use and transit packaging
C flute – 3.5-4.0mm. Suitable for light stacking.
BC flute – 6-7mm thick. Suitable for heavy shipping.
EB flute – combines E and B flutes for strength and printability.

Is Cardboard Sustainable?

Yes. Cardboard is sustainable. It is a good alternative to plastic as it is planet friendly. Cardboard can hold a wide range of weights, keep food fresh and repel moisture.

Is Cardboard Biodegradable?

Cardboard is manufactured using fibres from trees/ plants. This makes it possible for them to be turned into pulp in a process called pulping. The simplest way to achieve this is is soaking boxes in water.

What Packaging can be Recycled?

Pretty much all paper based products i.e., cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, paper void fill and paper tapes!

There are two forms of cardboard- paperboard and corrugated cardboard.

  • Paperboard or chipboard (usually used to make containers for food, cereal and shoes. It is made of a single layer and is more flimsy than corrugated board.
  • Corrugated Cardboard, contains an inner cardboard layer between sheets making it more durable. An example would be mailer boxes.

What Packaging Is Compostable?

Cardboard Boxes, moulded wood pallets, paper bubble wrap and wood wool are all fully compostable packaging.

Are Packaging Peanuts Recyclable?

The Traditional Polystyrene Packing Peanuts will need to be popped in the bin. Our EcoFlo packing peanuts are 100% biodegradable, eco friendly and compostable! They are the perfect alternative to Polystyrene Peanuts.

What Cardboard is Not Recyclable?

Not many people know that sometimes you must be careful popping cardboard in the recycling bins. For example if  its cardboard such as pizza boxes that are stained with oil and food particles the box must be thrown in the bin. This is because the debris on the cardboard contaminate the other cardboard, which therefore compromises the recycling process- making it difficult to separate the oil from the fibres.

What Is The Cheapest Packaging?

Our second hand- once used boxes are the cheapest boxes in the Scottish Packaging Market.

Where can I buy the Cheapest Boxes?

The UPAC Group. We sell boxes for as little as 6p per box. Call us to get a quote on our once used boxes!

How Can I prevent my Product Being Damaged in Transit?

Yes, we can help you develop inserts (or an alternative) to avoid your products being damaged during transit.

Can I resell my used boxes?

Yes! We will buy your once used stock from you! As long as the boxes are palletised we will pick the up from you!