Making the workplace a pet-friendly environment has become increasingly common, along with UPAC, lots of major companies have incorporated this into their offices.

This allows employees to bring their dogs to work instead of leaving them at home unattended or at a doggy day care. This change in the office has its benefits but also must have guidelines to make everyone feel comfortable… including the pets.

The UPAC Group have always been a pet-friendly office, allowing staff to bring their dogs into the office. There are many benefits to this:

1). Improved office morale: having a pet-friendly office can improve morale in the office. It helps employees who are pet owners to feel more relaxed with their pets beside them, instead of them leaving their pets unattended at work. Moral improved it creates a brighter and more enjoyable work environment for the employees as well as the business owner.

2). Improve health: with stress being reduced and the happiness of having a beloved companion nearby, pets can also work to improve health. Studies have shown that people who have pets have a higher level of well-being.

Dog owners tend to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure, healthier hearts and can maintain a consistently healthy weight. This is due to pet owners being more active as they must take their dogs for regular walks.

3). Increases collaboration & work relationships: It’s common for people to bond over their pets, as they have similarities because of their pets, this creates a conversation starter which can lead to more productive work relationships. This will increase collaboration and socialization among employees.

4). Increases productivity and creativity: Dogs help employees take short breaks to walk their pets outdoors, which gives them time away from tasks. Researchers have shown short times away can help improve focus and the ability to get the work done. Short breaks stimulate the brain, increasing both focus and productivity.

5). Makes life easier for employees: when they can bring their dogs to work, employees don’t have to worry about leaving their pets home alone or at a kennel. As a result, their lives are made easier logistically by being allowed to bring their pets to work.

6). Attract top talent: Millennials are a fresh talent that re-fresh a business with their charisma and new ideas, this generation is attracted to pet-friendly offices. So having this at your business will help attract new talent, these offices are still rare so it increases your chances of increasing the pool of job applications.

With all these benefits relating to having a pet-friendly office, set rules must be put in place to make everyone feel comfortable. Not everyone is a pet lover, and this must be respected, here are some guidelines to follow when to ensure everyone feels comfortable in the workplace:

  • Examine in advance if your god is suited for the office environment, will they be able to behave and stay quite a for a period of time. Or will they feel uncomfortable and bark throughout the day.
  • Is your dog healthy enough to bring into work, they will be surrounded by a lot of people and potentially other dogs so for their and everyone else’s well-being health is of the utmost importance.
  • Set the boundaries when it comes to your dog, letting your colleagues know what is appropriate when it comes to your dog. Can the dog be stroked? Do they like to be disturbed? What’s the best way to interact with them?
  • Before starting the workday it’s important to take them for a lengthy walk, and create a regular routine for your dog to follow in the workplace. Regulate walk times and well as feeding times but always make sure water is always available for your dog.
  • Dogs need a designated space in the office for them to retreat to like a dog bed or a blanket. This should be a place where the dog can relax, its water bowl should be found there, and this area must always be kept clean.
  •  Most importantly should monitor if your god feels comfortable in the office environment, they might feel stressed with the number of people and nice in the office. Its all well and good taking your dog into work for your own peace of mind but you need to consider theirs as well, if they are not comfortable in the office then you need to find another solution.

To summarise having a pet-friendly office cause have a really positive impact in the office. It will boost morale which will, in turn, boost productivity which overall will be good for the business, but this requires thoughtful level execution. Everyone must be thought of, from the staff to all the pets, to make sure everyone is comfortable, and their boundaries are respected.