In a world where there is a corrugate and paper shortage there are untold stories of packaging manufacturers not taking orders on/orders delayed for weeks before delivery/ hugely extended lead times and cancelling due to material shortages at the 11th hour.

That’s a huge headache for producers and often puts them in a spin having to put more of their expensive resource into finding a solution, and in the current climate that can be a full time job. That means not focusing on adding value to their role or even company. The past 18 months or so have seen untold pressures on producers and these aren’t going away anytime soon… it would seem.

That’s where we come in.

Packaging solutions is our business. We have a huge network of solutions and have industry champions on the team that can offer these solutions. We carry a huge amount of bespoke customer stock and also standard stock sizes within our range.

We’ve have roughly 2000 different sizes of boxes and would be surprised if we didn’t have something that will fit the bill for any business.

However, boxes aren’t all we carry- we also hold;

  • Bespoke printed cartons and labels
  • Vacuum bags
  • Acetates
  • Foils
  • Films
  • Wraps
  • Pallet wrap
  • Pallets… the list goes on, even down to blue centrefeed!

We house these solutions in a 180,000 sq ft warehouse in Glasgow.

We also run our own fleet of eleven vehicles.  Ranging from 3.5T Luton vans to articulated lorries- something that has been critical with the national driver shortage. The fleet is further expected to increase to allow further coverage and flexibility.

To most food and drink producers, space is at a premium….so why not use ours!

We offer our customers a stock and hold service which in turn will help free up space for businesses whilst driving efficiencies in packaging production, offering, more often than not, significant price savings at the same time.

For example, around a year ago we approached a potential customer and we found they were paying for outside storage for all their packaging and had taken the unit on next door especially for it. We carried out a review, saved her around 18% on her packaging costs and roughly a warehouse of space. She then went and put a machine in the space that had been previously occupied by packaging and allowed her to drive her business on.

In the current climate the ethos of ‘just in time’ is dead, or risk losing productivity and sales.

Wholesale with UPAC offers the best of both worlds.

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