Here at The UPAC Group we believe, our structure, our team, and even our cardboard mirrors the beehive.

The beehive is the most collaborative structure that exists. We know that every bee has a specific job, and there’s complete trust within the hive that the job is going to get done. Just like Chris, the bees don’t micro-manage. They don’t double-check their neighbour’s work. They trust that everyone is operating for the good of the hive.

With the bee’s short life cycle, unfortunately they will never live to see the end product. Yet, their life’s work makes a difference in the long run for the good of their hive.

The thing is, the bees aren’t only working in the hive. They’re also pollinating three miles in every direction. They work together, collaboratively, making an impact, and as a result, they benefit not only themselves, but the surrounding area as well.

We believe beehive’s display the highest level of communication you’ll find. If the communication within breaks down, the whole system crashes.

Collaborate, and communicate is therefore the message from the bees and from the team at The UPAC Group. We are the beehive. Message us to find out more about the UPAC culture.